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  • Pure relaxation

    This is on offer in our own sauna with its relaxation room where you can relax in wnter for free 3 x each week and recharge your batteries for the next day. Closed in summer!

    Medical effects:

    - Relaxation of the muscles thanks to the sequence of heat followed by a cold bath
    - Destruction of pathogens due to the increased temperature (artificial fever)
    - Reduction in blood pressure and stimulation of the circulation, metabolism, immune system and respiration
    - Soothing impact on the subjective sense of well-being
    - Skin care and cleansing of the body (the top layer of skin absorbs moisture and dead skin cells are loosened and can easily be washed away)
    - Slowing down the skin’s ageing process by training the vessels (heat expands the blood vessels and increases blood flow while cold narrows the blood vessels again)